The following is the list of species that park rangers observed today.

Mallard、Common Pochard、Tufted Duck、Greater Scaup、Little Grebe、Great Cormorant、Grey Heron、Common Moorhen、Eurasian Coot、Black  Kite、Eurasian Sparrowhawk、Northern Goshawk、Common Buzzard、Oriental Turtle Dove、Common Kingfisher、Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker、Great Spotted Woodpecker、Bull-headed Shrike、Large-billed Crow、Japanese Tit、Brown-eared Bulbul、Japanese Bush Warbler、Japanese White-eye、White-cheeked Starling、Pale Thrush、Dusky Thrush、Daurian Redstart、Eurasian Tree Sparrow、White Wagtail、Buff-bellied Pipit、Brambling、Oriental Greenfinch、Black-faced Bunting、Reed Bunting (34species)

Ranger's Activities
Research : Conducting weekly surveys for Marsh birds
Habitat management : Trimming Branches
Education : Environmental education program for Elementary school children
Other : Nothing to Report

The Nature Center is in service now.