The following is the list of species that park rangers observed today.

Spot-billed Duck、Northern Shoveler、Northern Pintail、Teal、Common Pochard、Tufted Duck、Greater Scaup、Little Grebe、Great Cormorant、Grey Heron、Great Egret、Little Egret、Eurasian Coot、Little Ringed Plover、Slaty-backed Gull、Black  Kite、Northern Goshawk、Common Buzzard、Common Kestrel、Oriental Turtle Dove、Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker、Bull-headed Shrike、Carrion Crow、Large-billed Crow、Japanese Tit、Barn Swallow、Brown-eared Bulbul、Japanese Bush Warbler、Japanese White-eye、White-cheeked Starling、Pale Thrush、Dusky Thrush、Daurian Redstart、Eurasian Tree Sparrow、White Wagtail、Brambling、Black-faced Bunting、Reed Bunting (38species)

Ranger's Activities
Research : Daily Surveys  and  updating records
Habitat management : Patrol
Education : Providing visiter services at the Ranger Station
Other : Nothing to Report

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